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• 11/8/2018

Tokyo Ghoul or Tokyo Ghoul :re

I made this because I'm bored. Ha.
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• 11/8/2018

The black rabiit
Tokyu Ghoul - Who is Ayato Kirishima
Tokyu Ghoul - Who is Ayato Kirishima YouTube
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• 11/6/2018

:Re anime

How dyou guys like the thing?

Personally, Episode 13 was like a big, 20 minute long trailer to something gigantic, but it did get better slightly, though they're leaving out several things (they left out the lab raid, I'm so mad).

What dyou people think?

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• 11/6/2018

Tokyo Ghoul Re season 2

I watched the latest episode of tokyo ghoul re season 2 and i am confused that: Is Arima not the ine eyed king. Pls dont spoil it answer in "yes or no"
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• 11/6/2018


Got a few questions I hope someone can ask. They revolve around S1 and vA.
At the end of s1, Kaneki joins the Aogiri. Now...why? Because they pose the biggest threat to Anteiku? To keep Anteiku safe? Also, why does he ignore Touka?
Secondly, why can't go up to Kaneki at the end of vA? Sure, she could get spotted by CCG, but she's been waiting to at least hig Kaneki after everything. What is up with that?

Follow up questions:
1) What happens to Hide during the Anteiku scene? Did Kaneki eat him? Did he get injured in a fight? Did he die in the end?
2) What happened to Touka's brother? Last I checked he stalked her over a rooftop and called her "stupid", and thats it.
3) What happens to the trigger-happy tomboy CCG dude/dudess (the stiches lad) after his friend gets severely injured during the Owl operation?
4) Is Amon dead? Or does the half-ghoul thing occur later on if it is the canonical next step for him?
5) During the centipede kagune scene, what actually hapens to Kaneki? He just gets two Kagune and goes bat shit crazy for some time.

Thanks a lot for any answers to these questions. I'll be watching :re later, but I know that wont answer everything...
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• 11/6/2018
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• 11/4/2018

Can Ukaku ghouls fly?

Can Ukaku Ghouls fly?Or maybe glide?
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• 11/4/2018

Who is your favourite character?

  • Kaneki
  • Eto
  • Futura
  • Jouzou
  • Arima
  • Touka
  • Ayato
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• 11/4/2018

Tokyo ghoul or Tokyo ghoul root A (I like both)

  • Tokyo ghoul
  • Tokyo ghoul root A
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• 11/4/2018

Tokyo Ghoul Novels

Hello everyone. I was looking around the Manga of Tokyo Ghoul and found out they have their novels too. Does someone have any sources for those novels online. I am guessing their names are Tokyo Ghoul Days, Void.
I am sorry I don't remember every single one but I really want to get them all. Any help would be much appreciated.
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• 11/1/2018
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• 10/31/2018

Do you like Tsukiyama or not

  • Yess! I like him he's cool
  • Nope! He plans to eat our boi kaneki
  • Who is Tsukiyama
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• 10/31/2018

Did Tokyo Ghoul Re: was really difficult for those who didn't read the manga

  • Yes
  • No
  • I got some help from Jack: and PINTO: episodes but still a no
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• 10/31/2018

Which season do you think was best ?

  • a) Tokyo Ghoul Season 1
  • b) Tokyo Ghoul √a
  • c) Tokyo Ghoul Re:
  • d) a and b
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• 10/31/2018

Tokyo Ghoul Manga

Please everyone I have a question. Where can I possibly read all the Tokyo Ghoul Manga all Volumes for free online. I know I may sound like a cheap guy saying this but the truth is I have no access to using money online. If I was able to I definitely would but since I can't would someone be kind enough to share it's sources with me?
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• 10/31/2018
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• 10/29/2018
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• 10/28/2018


I have an extreme amount of ships for all of my fandoms, but Tokyo Ghoul seems to be one of the anime where I just ship *everybody*. The list is quite extensive, but I'm gonna put it here anyway! If you have some of the same ships, please comment and tell me!

Kaneki x Hide

Kaneki x Tsukiyama

Kaneki x Uta

Juzo x Uta

Haise x Urie

Haise x Arima

Amon x Akira

Kanae x Tsukiyama

Saeki x Mutsuki

Post image
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• 10/28/2018


I looked everywhere I thought it would be
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• 10/27/2018


Who is Floppy? Besides them being failed Kanou experiments, is there a ghoul known as Floppy or is it just a term?

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