13's (Juuzou's) Jason (13's(ジューゾー's)ジェイソン, Jūzōzu Jeison) is a rinkaku quinque that takes the form of a square and jagged scythe and has an L-shaped blade with a sharp tip. It was created from Yamori's kakuhou and its final form was designed by Kouitsu Chigyou of the CCG Laboratory Division. In addition of being able to produce a kagune from its blade, the quinque is of very high quality, noted to possess an instantaneous Rc value of 5000, classifying it in the monster class.

It was destroyed during Juuzou Suzuya's confrontation with Kurona Yasuhisa.[1] Later, it was repaired and used to defend one of the branch offices from the Clowns.[2]


  • Akira Mado is slightly jealous of Juuzou for owning this quinque.


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