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Arata is a series of are auto-equipping quinque made from the kakuja of Arata Kirishima — the Corpse Collector. It enhances the user's physical abilities beyond those of a normal human so that they are able to keep up with SS-rated and SSS-rated ghouls, even though momentarily.

Arata proto (アラタproto, Arata puroto) or Arata β 0.8 (アラタβ (ベータ) 0.8, Arata Bēta 0.8) was first used by Special Class Investigators Iwao Kuroiwa and Yukinori Shinohara against Yoshimura. The latter of the two investigators even commented that they would have been already dead in the battle if they did not have the Arata. The armor has a disadvantage, being that the burden it carries on the body is too great to use for long. Ken Kaneki, though, had destroyed the armor when he had gone berserk against Shinohara.

Arata proto • Ⅱ (アラタ・弐<proto>, Arata Ni puroto) is an armor with much greater power and had undergone a change in design to include guarding the entirety of face as well as the body. It has an immense burden given to Koutarou Amon to fight Kaneki. But, even it was not able to stand against Ken Kaneki in his kakuja form.

Arata Joker (アラタJOKER, Arata Jōkā) is an advanced version of its predecessors. It has increased power and speed and can more efficiently combat rinkaku ghouls. It is used by Juuzou Suzuya, who gained enough strength to overpower Kurona Yasuhisa in her own kakuja form. This version of the Arata armor also includes claw-like blades attached at the hands, as well as several protrusions coming from the upper back area that are used for offensive purposes. Thus, this is effectively the first type of Arata to come with its own weaponry.

Trivia Edit

  • In Tokyo Ghoul Root A, Shinohara comments that Arata's movements were sluggish while fighting Ayato Kirishima, possibly showing that the armor possesses a mind or will of its own.

References Edit

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