Cadets training at the CCG Junior Academy

Cadets fencing at the CCG Junior Academy.

The CCG Junior Academy (CCGアカデミージュニア, Shīshījī Akademī Junia) refers to numerous facilities that are operated by the Commission of Counter Ghoul. These facilities serve a dual function of housing wards of the organization and educating students enrolled from the general public. Graduates from the Junior Academies are encouraged to enroll at the Ghoul Investigator Training Academy and become ghoul investigators, though it is not a requirement.

It is unknown how many academies exist in total.

Orphanage Edit

When children lose their families to ghouls and have no other relatives, they may become wards of the organization. These children are sent to the Junior Academies, where they are provided housing and education while being encouraged to pursue a career as ghoul investigators.

Known Instructors Edit

Students Edit


  • It is noted that the tuition is extremely cheap, making it an appealing choice for financially-strapped families.
  • According to Shirazu, students were given an Aptitude Test to screen for candidates for the Quinx project after the procedure was developed.


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