Mixed (混成, Konsei) is the one hundred first chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul.

Characters Edit

Summary Edit

Ken Kaneki charges at the investigators while they deploy their quinques. Yukinori Shinohara gets his Arata to deploy and blocks Kaneki's immediate strike. Throwing Kaneki of to the side, Shinohara guesses that Kaneki could be a kakuja, stating that his development is about fifty percent. Shinohara reveals his Arata armor while the other investigators remain in dismay.

Naki mocks and subdues Koutarou Amon during their fight. Suddenly, Akira Mado strikes Naki's kagune and then impales him with her chimera quinque. Shuu Tsukiyama interferes and tries to attack Akira, but is blocked by Amon's quinque.

Nashiro and Kurona Yasuhisa dodge Juuzou Suzuya's attacks. As they fight, Juuzou's abdomen is cut.

Trivia Edit

  • The Japanese title, 混成, is a homophone of 混声, "mixed voices."

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