Piercing Razor (刺剃, Sasori) is the one hundred third chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul.

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Juuzou Suzuya overwhelms and severely wounds Kurona Yasuhisa with Scorpion 1/56. Just as Juuzou is about to execute Kurona, Nashiro charges up to him in an attempt to stop him but gets her abdomen sliced by 13's Jason.

While running toward Nashiro, Kurona remembers the Kakuhou transplant surgery that Akihiro Kanou performed on them. Hoping that Kanou will save Nashiro, Kurona takes her and flees from Juuzou.

Ken Kaneki evades the ghoul investigators' blasts. He recites Yamori's words and blames himself for the deaths of his friends and allies. He rambles while Yukinori Shinohara notes that Kaneki is the craziest ghoul he has ever encountered.

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