Gas (瓦斯, Gasu) is the one hundred fourth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul.

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Koutarou Amon and Akira Mado continue fighting Aogiri ghouls. Shuu Tsukiyama fights alongside Naki. Tsukiyama ponders Ken Kaneki's development and commitment as a ghoul. Kaneki has been eating ghouls for half a year to gain power, so, Tsukiyama begins to worry that he might suffer the side effects of cannibalization. He recalls Special Class Yukinori Shinohara as a formidable investigator.

Akira Mado releases a CRc grenade on Naki's group. The CRc gas works by suppressing Rc cells. Naki's kagune begins to disintegrate but he manages to subdue and bite Akira's leg. Amon arrives in time to deliver a fatal blow on Naki. Naki, Tsukiyama, Gagi, and Gugi retreat.

Kaneki fights Shinohara while Juuji Isoyama describes the Kakuja phenomenon. The Kakuja is the result of RC cells transforming due to cannibalism. He notes that it is the first time witnessing a half-Kakuja. Isoyama mentions that Shinohara studied under Fujishige Iba alongside Kureo Mado. His two greatest achievements were killing Demon Yamada and acquiring the kakuja, Corpse Collector Arata.

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