Returning (帰来, Kirai) is the one hundred tenth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul.

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Akira Mado and Seidou Takizawa get into an argument while being drunk. While promising to beat his childhood rival, Takizawa's phone rings and he angrily answers the call. The caller is revealed to be Kousuke Houji, who is requesting him at the CCG because he had a submission oversight in his report, saying that he is free to come after he had cooled his head, berating him for his recent actions. Takizawa quickly rushes to work, while Koutarou Amon stares at drunk Akira. She briefly tells Amon about her father's past, saying that it was his fault he died and states that she hates him for it. Amon calmly responds that he knows it was his fault, and that he will protect those who his superior cherished. Amon is shocked to see Akira suddenly fall asleep at the table.

At HySy ArtMask Studio, Uta is visited by Ken Kaneki, who reveals that the reason for his visit is to find more about Anteiku and its members. He tells Kaneki that he does not know much about Yoshimura, except that he took over the 20th ward once he put up Anteiku, however, Uta reveals that he knows a little bit about Renji Yomo, and that he is willing to inform Kaneki about his past.

Amon carries Akira to her apartment, and while he attempts to leave her to rest, she suddenly grabs his hand.

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