Track Road (線路, Senro) is the one hundred eleventh chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul.

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Koutarou Amon decides to look after Akira Mado. After a slight relief, Akira moves out of her bed and hugs him, pleading him not to go while calling him father. This prompts Amon into doing push-ups, telling himself that he is one who was inexperienced, and promising to not make any more mistakes. In the morning, Akira wakes up, while getting outside on her terrace, she notices Amon who was apparently doing push-ups all night. As Akira treats him to a meal, she mockingly labels him as a pervert. However, Akira apologizes to Amon, who suggests her to stop drinking alcohol.

Uta tells Ken Kaneki his past, about how he met Renji Yomo and how he was managing the 4th ward. He revealed to have avoided fights with Yomo when the latter joined the 4th ward, as they both would eventually kill each other if they fought seriously. They gradually became close, with Yomo explaining his intentions were a goal to get stronger. At that time, Kishou Arima was also visiting the 4th ward, ordering Take Hirako to prepare for their apparent mission.

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