Lights Out (消灯, Shōtō) is the one hundred twelfth chapter in the manga Tokyo Ghoul.

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As the two ghoul investigators look for a certain ghoul, they encounter Itori who teasingly rises her skirt, before getting killed by Uta and Sumi. Some time later, Uta discusses the Doves' actions in his ward, noting how dangerous they are accompanied with Kishou Arima. As Renji Yomo informs the group who the investigator is, Uta wonders if he knows him in person, while Yomo claims that he would kill him personally if given the chance. Yomo explains that the reason for his intentions is to avenge his deceased sister, and Uta agrees to help him in accomplishing his goal of assaulting Arima. After they prepare for the ambush, they quickly attack a group of investigators, and Uta gets targeted by Take Hirako. While others warn Hirako about the danger he is currently facing, he simply responds that he was given orders by his superior. Uta dodges each of his strikes, and while attempting to attack him, their fight is interrupted by Arima, who is noticed by Yomo.

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