Crumbling (破崩, Hahō) is the one hundred fifteenth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul.

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Koutarou Amon asks Ruisawa about the type of information that Sen Takatsuki has. Ruisawa tells Amon that it is about an underground base on the outskirts of Tokyo. However, Takatsuki will only share the information with a ghoul investigator and refused to tell her the rest. After Akira Mado leaves, Amon speaks with Takatsuki about the underground facility. Takatsuki tells him about an underground company called Sphinx, their company was able to collect rare goods from ghouls. One of the things they produced were liquid solutions made out of ghouls and sold it to the CCG. To Amon's surprise, Takatsuki tells him the the facility was owned by the CCG and resident's owner was Sphinx Director Nanao Yasuhisa.

After leaving, Amon begins to go over everything Takatsuki has told him, thinking that since Nanao died under the CCG's protection he could have been taken care of. When the puzzle starts fitting into place, Amon starts to question the CCG's existence. Luckily, he is interrupted mid-thought by a phone call.

Ken Kaneki goes over to Renji Yomo's home so he can speak with him about Rize. Kaneki tells Yomo that he wants to meet her, Yomo rejects this and tells him that meeting her now would not be any good for him. Enraged, Kaneki begins to yell at him when a loud sound rings out behind him. Thinking it is Rize, he slices open a container and sees her crouched down inside.

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