Second Rendezvous (再逢, Saihō) is the one hundred sixteenth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul.

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In the container, Kaneki tries to speak with Rize. Yomo tells Kaneki that Rize has been starved, leaving her mental state in very poor condition. Even after hearing this, Kaneki starts to tell Rize about the types of experiences he went through after the accident. When Rize has no reaction to his presence, he tries to get her attention. While Kaneki's speaking to Rize, Yomo notes that this is not the type of reunion he wanted. As Kaneki coupes with the situation, he talks to Yomo about Rize and her strength. Stating that if the Rize he imagined was gone, he would not have any of the strength he has now. Yomo starts to reassure Kaneki that all the things he has done up to the point he is currently at has been his own strength. Yomo then tells Kaneki to get up and to talk with him for awhile. When they begin to talk, Kaneki notes that the coffee Yomo made that time tasted exactly like Yoshimura's.

In Anteiku, Yoshimura talks with Touka about her studies and what she wanted to do later on. During there conversation Yoshimura tells Touka that she should listen to others and to express herself in words that suit her. When there talk ends, he sends both Nishiki and Touka to pick coffee beans up for the shop, but on there way there, they encounter Hinami and Tsukiyama.

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