Shattered Heaven (壊天, Kaiten) is the one hundred twenty-fifth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul.

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Kaiko confronts Yoshimura, asking him about a child. He tells Yoshimura that the child and the Aogiri Tree have been disrupting the equilibrium that V has been maintaining. He gives Yoshimura a final warning, stating that the child's existence is his betrayal to V. Yoshimura denies having a child or knowing anything about the One-Eyed Owl. Kaiko and the V agents leave while telling Yoshimura that he has nowhere to escape.

Yoriko and Touka plan a trip to the zoo.

Yomo urges Kaneki to go into hiding since the CCG are likely targeting Anteiku. He mentions a large scale operation.

At Anteiku, Yoshimura reminisces about the Anteiku staff. Yoshimura, Irimi, and Koma prepare themselves for the incoming ambush.

Yoshitoki commands the CCG to commence the Owl Suppression Operation.

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  • The color page of the chapter is the accompaniment to or other half of the color page of Chapter 123.

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