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Street Wish (街望, Machi Nozomu) is the one hundred twenty-eighth chapter in Tokyo Ghoul.



Kaneki observes the battle from atop a crane. Nishiki bemoans the CCG's decision to raid a coffee store, calling it immature and unnecessary. He scolds Yoshimura's kindness for insisting that they should conceal themselves. Kaneki asks him what he will do. Nishiki states that he will visit Kimi before leaving the 20th Ward.

Kaneki ponders for whom and with what feelings did Yoshimura set up the store. He mentions an unused antique coffee cup and wonders if Yoshimura reserved that for someone.

Just as when Kaneki decides to join the battle, Tsukiyama urges Kaneki not to go. He violently rushes at Kaneki but gets subdued. Kaneki appreciates Tsukiyama's effort but asserts that he will fight alongside the Anteiku staff.


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