Winning Grasp (勝執, Shōshitsu) is the one hundred thirtieth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul.

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Renji Yomo confronts Touka Kirishima at her house to escort her out of the 20th ward. She questions Kaya Irimi and Enji Koma's decision to fight the CCG. Yomo states that Irimi and Koma were previously involved in heinous crimes. As a result, this battle serves as a punishment for their sins. Touka screams that she has also murdered, therefore, she needs to be punished. Yomo disagrees, telling her that she needs time to evaluate her actions.

Touka expresses her feelings over her family and how Anteiku has helped her. While reminiscing about her failures, she pleads to assist Yoshimura. Yomo understands Touka's emotions and calms her down. He escorts her out of the 20th ward.

Irimi continues fighting Chuu Hachikawa. She ponders Hirako's strength. An old lady abruptly appears near Irimi. Disregarding the old lady, Hachikawa shoots multiple blasts at them. Irimi jumps in front of the attack, saving the old lady but wounding Irimi.

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