Reform Question (改問, Kaimon) is the one hundred thirty-first chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul.

Characters Edit

Summary Edit

Kaya Irimi struggles to maintain her balance after receiving a fatal wound from Chuu Hachikawa. She releases her kagune and charges at Hachikawa's Squad.

While fighting, she contemplates if the choices she has made have been right. She is gradually overwhelmed and subdued.

Take Hirako reminds Hachikawa to prioritize saving the civilians' lives. Hachikawa argues that Irimi's death is more valuable than a civilian's life since Irimi is the leader of the Black Dobers. He scorns the thought of sending Irimi to Cochlea because that would allow her to live a long life. Hachikawa intimidates Hirako by revealing his scarred mouth.

Just as Hachikawa is about to execute Irimi, Ken Kaneki interrupts and strikes Hachikawa.

Trivia Edit

  • On the cover, Irimi has removed her shoes, something commonly done before committing suicide. During the chapter, she has an internal monologue about dying.

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