Crushing Mass (塊砕, Kaisai) is the one hundred thirty-third chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul.

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Ken Kaneki dodges Koutarou Amon's attacks while insisting that he does not want to fight. Amon refuses to stop and initiates Kura's decay phase, which prompts Kaneki to release his kagune.

Before attacking, Kaneki requests to know Amon's name. Amon thinks about how he wants Kaneki to survive so that he can learn about Kaneki's past.

Ghoul investigators report Amon's battle to Itsuki Marude, asserting that Amon is battling the Centipede. Yoshitoki Washuu urges Amon to not allow Kaneki to leave. Hideyoshi Nagachika expresses concern about ghouls reaching the headquarters, however, Marude states that it is unlikely.

Kaneki manages to break Kura and disarm Amon. Kouitsu Chigyou inadvertently arrives to give Amon an upgraded Doujima and an auto-attaching Arata armor.

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