Falling Tragedy (倒惨, Tōsan) is the one hundred thirty-fourth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul.

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Just as Ken Kaneki contemplates breaking Doujima, Koutarou Amon charges and launches Kaneki away from him. Kouitsu Chigyou states Arata's burden but believes that Amon is capable of bringing out Arata's latent abilities.

The Special Classes continue battling Yoshimura. Koori Ui manages to land a major hit. Yoshimura leaps to another building but gets his left arm cut by Juuzou Suzuya. Juuzou loses his right leg in the process.

Shinohara attends to Juuzou's wounds while requesting medical aid.

Amon reminisces about what he will lose next and rushes toward Kaneki.

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