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Scarred Children (痕児, Konji or Kongo) is the one hundred forty-first chapter in Tokyo Ghoul.



Seidou approached heavily injured Amon and called out to him. Amon asked how Squad 1 is doing, while Seidou pleaded him not to die. Amon then said that if he died, Kaneki would end up murdering people. Another groups came to their rescue, and while they tried to contact the medical squad, they are all ambushed and eliminated by Tatara. Tatara quickly came towards Sediou, who is then shielded by Amon. Amon told Seidou that he will hold Tatara off in order for him to escape. Seidou is driven to a state of panic, as he quickly rejects Amon's offer and starts maniacly shooting projectiles at Tatara. Unfazed, Tatara grabbed Seidou by the neck, noticing the latter has Fei's kagune. Soon afterwards, Tatara threw him towards Noro, who had severed and eaten one of his arms. Witnessing the event, Amon charged Tatara in despair and anger as the latter activated his kakugan.

While battling the real Owl, CCG's numbers are severely depleded by the rampaging ghoul. Koori Ui lent Take Hirako a quinque in order to counter Owl's strikes. While other higher class investigators arrived, Take is quickly repelled by the Owl. Their conflict is quickly intercepted by Squad 0 accompanied by Kishou Arima.


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