Hidden Blade (隠刃, Onjin) is the twenty-fourth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul.

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As they stand face to face, Koutarou Amon inquires what kind of being Ken Kaneki really is, ordering him to move out of the way. Deciding to buy some time, Kaneki charges towards him, reminiscing over Touka Kirishima’s teachings- to hit his opponent with one blow; for the physiques of humans and ghouls are so different. Kaneki fails to make his attack on Amon, and is instead thrown to the ground. Amon perceives him to be human, insulting his taste in masks. Kaneki kicks Amon, and manages to slip away from his grasp.

Both Amon and Kaneki enter their respective internal monologues, where Amon mentions that experienced ghoul investigators are not like humans and that he should not slack off on this fight. Kaneki decides to charge with his full power, activating his kakugan, which surprises Amon, thinking he was human all this time. Amon quickly pulls out his quinque and swings it at Kaneki, giving him a scratch on the cheek.

Meanwhile, Kureo Mado confronts Hinami Fueguchi, and points out that Touka's identity was fake, desiring to call her by her alias, "Rabbit." Mado also mentions that the reason why Touka entered the Commission of Counter Ghoul was to stir up the investigators with false rumors, inferring that it was for Hinami’s sake. He also admits that the CCG does not even hold enough information about Hinami, and therefore should kill her once her face is revealed in an instant. As Touka’s anger builds up, Mado proceeds to discriminate the existence of ghouls by exposing the fact that Ryouko Fueguchi’s kagune is now a quinque, and that ghouls should not live in peace since they are considered monsters by society.

Mado pulls out his quinque, and begins his battle with Touka. He fears that Touka might become a troublesome ghoul just like the One-Eyed Owl of the 20th ward if she did not die at this moment. Mado then blocks Touka’s attack with yet another quinque made from Hinami’s mother.

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