Three People (三人, San'nin) is the twenty-seventh chapter in Tokyo Ghoul.



Hinami Fueguchi orders Kureo Mado to stop and not harm Touka Kirishima any further, but he comes to the realization that Hinami, like her mother and father was able to take off his hand even from a distance. He also implies that Hinami’s kagune surpassed that of both her parents. He then demands to have her kagune made into his own quinque. He throws away his weapon he had in his possession and reached out to attack Hinami, but she quickly resists.

Koutarou Amon questions the fact that Ken Kaneki let him go, and doubts that such a ghoul would even cry. Amon brushes off Kaneki’s plea as a ‘ghoul’s lie’ and decides to head over to Mado’s location. Kaneki finds it difficult to control his kagune, and starts to go back and forth within his hunger instincts. Renji Yomo approaches and Kaneki absentmindedly attacks him, piercing him through the torso. After Kaneki realizes what he had done, Yomo gives him a package of human meat to help calm him down.

Hinami had put Mado in critical condition via her attack. Mado declares to make Hinami his quinque once again, but Touka advises her to finish him, for he was her parents’ enemy. Hinami implies that she never cared about revenge, and was merely sad that her parents left her feeling lonely. Mado however, entails Hinami’s reason to be disgusting, and tries to launch yet another attack.

Touka had slit Mado’s throat before he could go any further.

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