Yoriko (依子, Yoriko) is the thirty-first chapter in the manga Tokyo Ghoul.

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At Kiyomi High School, Touka Kirishima keeps thinking of Kureo Mado’s last words before his death, but is broken out of her trance by her friend, Yoriko Kosaka. They both go for lunch, but upon seeing Touka eating a jam sandwich twice in a row, Yoriko offers her a piece of fried meat, to which Touka pretensively gulps down. In the bathroom, Touka struggles to pass the piece of meat, but to no avail.

Touka goes home, only to meet up with Ken Kaneki, whom mentions that he wanted to help set up Hinami Fueguchi's room, though he was secretly worried about Hinami. Yoriko also visits Touka, showing concern for the way she acted during the school hours. She also gives Touka a pot filled with meat and potato stew she had cooked for her. Touka and Kaneki eat it together, and Kaneki marks numerous descriptions which implied that he truly repelled the food; the onions were like bug wings, the potatoes like chalk, the soup stock like mud water and the overall flavor like that of pencil's lead.

Since Touka goes out of her way to eat all of the food, Kaneki begins to think that Yoriko means a lot to her, for she went as far as downing all the stew.

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  • In the English edition of Volume 4, the One-Eyed King is mistakenly mentioned by Kureo Mado in Touka Kirishima's flashback. Correctly, it should state "(that other) One-Eye" which refers to Eto Yoshimura.

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