Curettage (掻爬, Sōha) is the forty-second chapter in Tokyo Ghoul.



Shuu Tsukiyama has been grazed across the eyes, but seems to be unaffected by it. Touka Kirishima reveals that she has been secretly following Nishiki Nishio and Ken Kaneki, but is deciding to beat Tsukiyama for the sake of saving Kaneki. Tsukiyama concludes that since Touka’s surprise attack had no effects on him, she has become far calmer than she was as only fourteen years old. The two begin to fight, and Kaneki takes the opportunity to kick Tsukiyama in the face. Shuu also notices that Touka and Kaneki’s fighting skills have been synchronized. He subsequently cracks Kaneki’s arm, shoving a hand through his torso. Tsukiyama then decides to taste Kaneki’s blood, and describes the taste as something that he’d never experienced before; for it was better than he had expected. Touka suddenly attempts another attack on Tsukiyama, but is pierced through the stomach by Tsukiyama’s kagune, being told that she is interfering with dinner.

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