Incarnation (受肉, Juniku) is the forty-fourth chapter in Tokyo Ghoul.



Shuu Tsukiyama laments that he has been fasting for the sake of eating Ken Kaneki, and is therefore very hungry. He beats down Nishiki Nishio, adding that Nishiki lost to him because he is unable to bring out his kagune. Tsukiyama also compares kagune to engines, and human meat to gasoline, implying that he needs the highest class of human meat, that is Kaneki, so that his powers can elevate.

Touka Kirishima wakes up, and advises Kaneki that Tsukiyama could take on them both empty-handed and that the only reason for her weakness at this point is Yoriko Kosaka’s cooking. She suggests that they eat Kaneki for energy, but Kaneki desists. Nishiki stalls Tsukiyama once more, but is brutally battered up by his kagune yet again. Nishiki vows to kill Tsukiyama even if he dies. Kaneki contemplates on consuming Kimi Nishino’s meat, and he also finds out that long ago, both Tsukiyama and Touka were an even match at full power. Kaneki comes to a conclusion that since human meat is gasoline for a ghoul’s kagune, Touka must eat his flesh in order to have the strength to stand up against Tsukiyama.

When Touka bites Kaneki’s arm, Tsukiyama gets ravenous upon seeing this. He charges towards her, and Touka stands at her full power, telling him that nothing in the room belongs to him.

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