Black Wing (黒羽, Kurohane) is the forty-fifth chapter in Tokyo Ghoul.



As Touka Kirishima’s kagune begins to shoot projectiles, Shuu Tsukiyama is eventually knocked to the ground. Ken Kaneki is surprised at how far Touka’s kagune projectiles threw Tsukiyama. However, Shuu is disturbingly giddy to see this side of Touka, saying that he cannot forgive her for eating Kaneki’s flesh. Tsukiyama’s kagune then takes the shape of a blade as he declares to shred Touka's entrails. Touka blocks his attack, and eventually shatters his kagune. Tsukiyama becomes weak but is still determined, insisting that he cannot be stopped. Tsukiyama heads over to Kimi Nishino, only to have his tie pulled by Nishiki Nishio, much to his annoyance.

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