Light (灯火, Tōka) is the forty-sixth chapter in Tokyo Ghoul.



Shuu Tsukiyama demands Nishiki Nishio to let go of him, but is surprised to see that his arm has completely vanished. He then tells Ken Kaneki that all he needs from him is one bite of his flesh. Before he could take one step further, Tsukiyama tumbles to the ground. Nishiki successfully unties Kimi Nishino, but is told by Touka Kirishima that since both his and Kaneki’s identities have been revealed, Kimi must be killed. Kaneki confronts Touka, comparing Hide to how Kimi is to Nishiki, and how Yoriko Kosaka is to Touka. Touka disagrees, and starts to attack Kimi with her kagune. Nishiki blocks Kimi, taking all the shards for her. When Kimi immediately sees that Touka is a ghoul, she notes her kagune to be very beautiful. Touka is shocked at Kimi’s reaction, and runs out of the building, berating herself and her ‘dreadful’ kagune.

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