Ear Bone (耳骨, Jikotsu) is the forty-eighth chapter in Tokyo Ghoul.



Koutarou Amon decides to go to Meeting Room 2 to meet the newly deployed investigators from the Commission of Counter Ghoul main office. He meets Yukinori Shinohara and Kousuke Houji whom were former partners of Kureo Mado. He also meets Seidou Takizawa, an investigator who admires both Kishou Arima and Amon himself. It is revealed that a partner for Amon is currently pending by the main office. Amon learns that the 11th ward is in chaos, to the point where its CCG branch is powerless, for most humans there have been annihilated. Amon and the others therefore come to the conclusion that ghouls are becoming organized, with a goal to crush the CCG. They then decide to focus solely on the investigations involving the ‘The Gourmet,’ ‘The Binge Eater’ and ‘Rabbit.’

Shinohara is told to meet his new partner, nicknamed “the problem child.” When they arrive at the police outpost, Amon questions whether he is a boy or girl, and doubts his belonging to the CCG. When the officer refuses to apologize to him for not believing him when he said he is a ghoul investigator, the boy sucks out the ear bones in one of the officer's ears, much to Amon’s and Shinohara’s disgust. He then kindly introduces himself as Juuzou Suzuya, a Rank Three Ghoul Investigator.

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