Caged Bird (籠鳥, Rōchō) is the forty-ninth chapter in Tokyo Ghoul.



Koutarou Amon goes back to meeting room 2 where he meets Juuzou Suzuya once more. Suzuya claims that he was first to arrive, but Amon finds flaws in the way Suzuya dresses; telling him to wear a suit and tie, and desist from eating in the meeting room. Amon then questions the stitches on Juuzou’s arms, since they were not put there for Medical reasons. Suzuya reveals that it’s called “Body Stitch” and that a Body Modification Aficionado had put it there. He then attempts to show Amon an example of how it is done. However, Amon is repulsed by this, concluding that Juuzou is a strange boy.

Seidou Takizawa enters the room, and orders Juuzou to put away his candy, only to have his nostrils broken by Juuzou, causing them to bleed. The meeting begins, and the Investigators discuss various ghouls. Yukinori Shinohara and Juuzou then decide to take on the case of the Binge Eater, since it was pending for over two months. It is also made known that the number of victims of the Gourmet ghoul has dropped for the past couple weeks.

Ghouls are hardly visiting Anteiku, since the doves are being vigilant. The 11th ward is also in chaos; for ghouls are hunting and killing Investigators. Ken Kaneki goes to see Touka Kirishima, whom has just fed Hetare. Touka mentions that Hetare is in an unfortunate situation; as he is trapped in a cage and can’t fly around. Touka admits that she couldn’t kill Kimi Nishino, causing Kaneki to relate Touka’s situation with Yoriko Kosaka and that of Kimi and Nishiki Nishio.

A ghoul of the 11th ward, Kazuichi Banjou, visits Anteiku for the first time, where it is revealed that he is searching for Rize Kamishiro.

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