Squirming (蠢動, Shundō) is the fifty-sixth chapter in Tokyo Ghoul.



At the Commission of Counter Ghoul, Koutarou Amon and Yukinori Shinohara notice that one of the listed enemies is Jason of the 13th ward. Shinohara explains his killings are usually very brutal and sadistic and even First Class Investigators are reluctant to fight him. Also, Shinohara mentions to Amon, after breaking his previous quinque, he is to receive one of the quinques used by Kureo Mado.

Meanwhile, Ken Kaneki struggles to dismantle the bodies killed by Aogiri Tree as he and all the lower leveled members are ordered to. Kazuichi Banjou offers to help him, but Kaneki is unwilling to rely on Banjou. One of the other members catches Kouto trying to take some of the meat and nearly hits him, when Banjou quickly defends Kouto and lies that he told him to steal the food.

Later, Banjou tells Kaneki that he is determined to help his followers escape before he is killed. 

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