Escape (逃奔, Tōhon) is the fifty-seventh chapter in Tokyo Ghoul.



With Ayato Kirishima and Noro at an Aogiri Tree meeting, and Yamori having left to the town, Kazuichi Banjou and his followers finally attempt to escape. However, they are caught by an Aogiri ghoul who unexpectedly comes out and screams out an alarm to the guards. The ghoul is instantly killed by Ichimi, Jiro and Sante, but one of the Bin Brothers is already chasing Banjou's group. Kei trips while running away, and is nearly attacked by the Bin Brother that was chasing them, when Kei's son, Kouto, steps in front of her, determined to protect his mother. However, Banjou immediately pushes Kouto away and is the one to take the attack. As the group watch in horror, Banjou orders them to run away, which they hesitantly do, until Ichimi, Jiro and Sante explain that Banjou cannot use his Kagune. They tell the others to escape as they, along with Ken Kaneki, help Banjou. As the Bin Brother is about to kill Banjou, Kaneki stops him with his own Kagune. 

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