Closed (休業, Kyūgyō) is the fifty-ninth chapter in Tokyo Ghoul.



At Anteiku, Yoshimura brings up the possibility that they could have no more possible contact with Ken Kaneki. This leaves Touka Kirishima in shock, and angers Nishiki Nishio, he begins to berate the manager about what he's said. He then asks Yoshimura if Kaneki has already been killed, Yoshimura then responds that the worse case scenario is also a possibility. Nishiki begins to question Yoshimura to see if saving Kaneki is the priority since there is a chance he's still alive. Yoshimura begins to describe the danger of going there and how their lives will be at risk. Nishiki asks the manger if he just plans to abandon Kaneki and leave him with Aogiri Tree, to which Yoshimura responds with silence. Trying to get Yoshimura to say something Nishiki is interrupted by Touka saying she will go herself if no one else is going to save him. Nishiki and Hinami Fueguchi also decide that they'll go. Before they go any further, Yoshimura calls out to them so he can clear up any misunderstanding, he tells the three that he planned to help Kaneki since the very beginning. The manager asks everyone in Anteiku, that if they want to save Kaneki, they'll have to put their lives on the line. After everyone agrees, he tells Shuu Tsukiyama to come in. Putting Nishiki and Touka on high alerts. Questioning how he's still alive, Shuu's response was that he followed Touka's advice, that his meat could be eaten too. Continuing to disapprove of Tsukiyama's presence, the manager begins to explain as to why they need him to help with this operation. Touka tries to talk the manager into not bringing Shuu along with them, as he only wants to eat Kaneki. Shuu tries to muster up a response he is interrupted by Renji Yomo, claiming that he will watch over Shuu so he doesn't try anything. After this, Uta and Itori enter the room and give Yoshimura information and supplies to get started. When the meeting ends, Yoshimura tells Yomo that the Kaneki they have until now, may not be there anymore.

The Commission of Counter Ghoul makes their march to the Aogiri Tree hideout, with Itsuki Marude as the commander of this operation.

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