Nuisance (邪魔, Jama) is the sixty-fourth chapter in Tokyo Ghoul.



The Commission of Counter Ghoul's assault continues their move from building to building, killing every ghoul that gets in their way. Koutarou Amon questions Yukinori Shinohara about where Juuzou Suzuya could be since they're moving to another building. Itsuki Marude commands the squads to move to their positions and secure those separate buildings.

A couple CCG soldier's move forward and confront Ayato Kirishima, they begin to fire but there bullets have no effect, as he leaps forward with his kagune surrounding him and slaughters the soldiers ahead of him. The troops of Aogiri Tree continue to hunt down and fight off the doves, waiting for Noro to start moving.

Noticing that the Doves are relentlessly attacking their stronghold, Yamori comes to talk to Ken Kaneki. Explaining the superstition about cannibalism, before he could even try anything. Kaneki took a quick bite from the side of his cheek, this angers Yamori to a great extent. A brief spout ensued, ultimately making Yamori use his Kakuja, Kaneki readies up to fight him while exclaiming that he's a bother.

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