Removal (摘出, Tekishutsu) is the sixty-sixth chapter in Tokyo Ghoul.



The Anteiku group search for Ken Kaneki while killing Aogiri Tree ghouls. Based on Yoshimura's information, they anticipate fighting doves and ghouls at building five.

Kaya Irimi teaches Hinami Fueguchi that ghouls have an excellent sense of hearing. They can distinguish the mass of an object by the volume of their footsteps. Ghouls can also get an image of their surroundings by sound reverberations, perceive the type of materials from tones, and discern a person's nature by the sound's rhythm. Hinami attempts to listen into the detached building where Kaneki and Yamori are fighting.

Kaneki manages to overwhelm Yamori by striking him repeatedly. After subduing him, Kaneki stabs and requests Yamori to count down from a thousand by sevens. Kaneki then proceeds to devour Yamori's kagune. After finishing, Kaneki deserts Yamori. Leaving him in critical condition.

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