Conscience (呵責, Kashaku) is the sixty-seventh chapter in Tokyo Ghoul.



In the prison Yamori had left them in, Kazuichi Banjou and the gas masks are questioning if Kei, Kouto, and Ken Kaneki are safe. Banjou contemplates his own weakness, as he was not able to protect them. In the middle of this, he hears footsteps before suddenly the prison they were trapped in breaks and Kaneki emerges from the surrounding dust. Jiro asks Kaneki about Kei and Kouto. He tells them that he wasn't able to save them due to his own lack of ability. Before they leave, Kaneki exclaims that he will not let it happen again, because he will protect everyone.

The sounds Hinami Fueguchi and Kaya Irimi were hearing earlier are suddenly quiet. Hinami guesses that the sounds from earlier are from Kaneki. Complimenting Hinami on her abilities, Yoshimura asks for Irimi to tell him about the situations in other buildings. After hearing about the other forces, he begins to leave. Irimi tries to question this, but in response, he says they need more time and to leave Kaneki to Renji Yomo's group.

Yomo's group is still searching for Kaneki. He tells them that the Commission of Counter Ghoul and Aogiri Tree are still fighting in a building close by, warning them of the dangers that could ensue. Remembering a time with Kaneki, Touka dozes off and does not notice the doves ahead of her, making Yomo defend her. As they move ahead, they uncover a large group of CCG soldiers, Yomo tells Nishiki Nishio and Touka Kirishima to use a different path, while him, Uta, and Shuu Tsukiyama push their way through.

Nishiki and Touka continue moving forward until eventually encountering Ayato Kirishima. He attacks both of them without hesitation.

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