Two People (二人, Futari) is the seventy-first chapter in Tokyo Ghoul.



A flashback exhibits how investigators Yukinori Shinohara and Kureo Mado searched for the children of the Corpse Collector. They questioned the residents in the neighborhood to gain clues about their whereabouts. Meanwhile, Ayato and Touka Kirishima waited for their father to arrive home. Satou came to visit them and bring food. Suspecting that they were ghouls, Satou questioned them as to why they refused to eat her dish, and finally, she forcefully fed the dish to Ayato. The investigators observing the scene witnessed Satou's pointer and concluded that the children were ghouls so they rushed into the room to capture the siblings. In defense, Touka activated her kagune and attacked one of the investigators and escaped with Ayato. Years later, as teens, they became reckless ghouls and were often scolded by Yoshimura. At Yoshimura's suggestion, Touka started going to school and blending into human society. Her relationship with Ayato gradually deteriorated due to their different perspectives on living in the human world. Ayato left the shared apartment and went to the 14th Ward, where he caused havoc in the feeding grounds.

In the present on the rooftop, Ayato says his farewells to Touka. Before he could land the last attack, Kaneki intervenes and saves Touka.


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