Halfway (半端, Hanpa) is the seventy-second chapter in Tokyo Ghoul.



Kaneki and Banjou's group congregate outside of the Aogiri stronghold. Kaneki reassures them that there are no enemies nearby. At the stronghold, Nishiki is chased by multiple Aogiri ghouls. Kaneki arrives to save him and defeats the ghouls. Kaneki rushes to the rooftop to save Touka from Ayato.

While holding Touka, Kaneki apologizes for the recent events. He urges Nishiki to escort Touka to safety. Nishiki hurls the leather eyepatch to Kaneki. Ayato compliments Kaneki's appearance and proceeds to launch multiple kagune shards at him. Ayato insists Kaneki on killing him but Kaneki refuses because that would make Touka sad. Instead, Kaneki proposes to "half-kill" Ayato.