Persistence (不屈, Fukutsu) is the seventy-fourth chapter in Tokyo Ghoul.



The One-Eyed Owl immediately recovers from Iwao Kuroiwa and Yukinori Shinohara's simultaneous attack. The CCG investigators' morale drops. Many assert that the One-Eyed Owl has indefinite power and that they have reached the end. Take Hirako states that even the S-ranked quinques do not inflict enough damage on the One-Eyed Owl. The Special Classes and the One-Eyed Owl continue exchanging blows. Several investigators shoot the Owl to no avail. Shinohara and Iwao consider risking using one of Arata's dangerous features.

The Anteiku group continue fighting Aogiri ghouls. Shuu Tsukiyama asks Uta why he doesn't use his kagune. Uta insists that it's because there are already enough people fighting against the Aogiri ghouls. Renji Yomo senses an ominous presence.

Nishiki Nishio sits near Touka Kirishima wondering if Ken Kaneki is okay. Ayato Kirishima manages to subdue Kaneki. Kaneki lies on the ground while the injuries inflicted from the kagune shards heal. As Ayato approaches him, Kaneki requests Ayato to tell him his secret.


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