Beacon (狼煙, Noroshi) is the seventy-sixth chapter in Tokyo Ghoul.



Ayato Kirishima lies on the ground while Ken Kaneki places his mask on. Multiple CCG investigators surround them. Before Kaneki could try anything, Noro slaughters them. Noticing that it's an Aogiri ghoul, Kaneki prepares to attack. But is interupted by Renji Yomo, Uta, and Shuu Tsukiyama. Kaneki insists on fighting, however, Uta persuades him to leave everything to them.

Shuu leads the first attack and strikes Noro's chest. As Noro recovers and attacks Shuu with his kagune, Uta impales him from behind with both of his hands. Uta notes the lack of reaction from Noro. He holds Noro so that Yomo can kick his head off.

Multiple kagunes spring from Noro's head as it attaches to his body. Shuu states that Noro's rapid recovery exceeds a ghoul's healing ability. He says he's more like a kagune monster.

A beeping sound emits from Noro's chest and he reveals a clock set to alarm at 2:00. Noro promptly picks Ayato up and leaves. Yomo states that there is no reason to fight him and tries to help Kaneki stand up. Kaneki refuses and says he can walk on his own while reiterating that it is a good time to return home.


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