Building 7 (七棟, Shichitō) is the seventy-seventh chapter in Tokyo Ghoul.



Multiple CCG troops charge through Building 7. A group of ghouls led by the Bin Brothers, congregate and launch a coordinated assault on Mutsumi Chino's squad. Koutarou Amon subjugates multiple ghouls while suffering a minor graze from a kagune attack. The Elder Bin Brother comments on Amon's fighting style. He says that Amon leaves many openings and that his movements are too thick. They simultaneously attack Amon.

Amon recollects Kureo Mado's lecture on battling ghouls. How is it that humans, who are inferior to ghouls in physical aspects, can achieve victory over ghouls? In order to compensate, CCG investigators must plan ahead by "paving the opponent's plans with tar" and using machine-like tactics.

Mado states that Amon's reflexes were augmented during his time in the academy and that the contents enclosed in his case represent the most cowardly and cleverly crafted objects created by the CCG, the Quinque . They are the most effective weapons against ghouls. Amon's koukaku quinque, Kura, is a heavy shape-shifting quinque that Mado designated for him after his death.

The battle against Aogiri resumes and Amon is victorious over the Bin Brothers. The remaining Aogiri ghouls retreat and the CCG investigators lead by Chino clear up the room. Chino admires Amon's excellent service. As he follows the group, Amon notices Eyepatch from the window. They stop, exchange glances, and Eyepatch walks away. At the rooftop, Juuzou Suzuya is also observing Eyepatch. He remembers the person from whom he had pickpocketed three thousand yen. It was the college student, Ken Kaneki. He then ponders what Kaneki is doing there and whether he's a normal person. Noro approaches Yakumo Oomori's body, who is lying dead in front of Juuzou. Juuzou tells him that Jason's corpse belongs to him. Noro leaves while carrying Ayato Kirishima with him and Juuzou waves goodbye.