Emerging (浮上, Fujō) is the eighty-fourth chapter in Tokyo Ghoul.



Itsuki Marude confirms Hideyoshi Nagachika's identity and asks why he applied to the CCG's open recruitment, questioning his motives. Hide explains that he was aware of suspicious activity occurring in the 11th Ward from listening to the news and wondered if he could assist the CCG. He collected various newspaper clippings to study the case. Learning about the CCG's labor shortage motivated him to help.

Hide admits that he anonymously informed the CCG about the Aogiri's 11th ward hideout. It was his hobby to play detective. He plants tracking devices on suspicious targets and provides information to the police. Coincidentally, he had tracked Yamori, a member of the Aogiri Tree, and followed him to the ghoul-infested 11th ward, where he navigated using the clothes of a ghoul corpse. Hide apologizes for not revealing himself sooner.

Akira Mado and Koutarou Amon enter the office. Marude assigns Hideyoshi to their investigation as an investigator assistant. Katsuya Mabuchi questions this decision, however, Marude states that if a person can be resourceful, he can use them regardless if they are a part-timer, staff member, or a crook. Hideyoshi introduces himself to Akira and Amon. The newly established trio decide to visit a Chinese restaurant.

Nishiki Nishio shouts at Roma Hoito for breaking dishes while wishing Touka was present. Enji Koma insists on not being rude to women. Roma tells about a dismantling at the human-trafficking ghoul restaurant. Ken Kaneki is rumored to have lead the ambush. Roma is impressed Kaneki worked at Anteiku and hopes to meet him.

At the 6th ward's Orca, Gil and Shachi's subordinate wait for Kaneki. Banjou and Tsukiyama bicker at each other about being late. They finally arrive at Orca, twelve seconds ahead of time.