One Eye (隻眼, Sekigan) is the eighty-fifth chapter in Tokyo Ghoul.



In the ghoul restaurant, Shuu Tsukiyama starts by presenting the next gourmet dish to everyone.

After the massacre inside the restaurant, Ken Kaneki, Shuu Tsukiyama, and Kazuichi Banjou talk with Gil and his group about the raid conducted by Aogiri Tree on Cochlea and the amount of prisoners released during the time. Shuu mentions that Shachi could have been one of the ghouls that escaped from the SS level. Not being able to trust the info, Gil questions as to why Shachi hasn't come back if he was freed. Kaneki suggests multiple reason as to why, one being that he joined Aogiri or disobeyed and was consumed by them to gain more power. He hopes that this is not the case while reminiscing over the things he needs to figure out involving Rize Kamishiro, needing Shachi to learn more about her. One of the individuals wonders if Kaneki has anything to due with the extermination of the ghoul restaurant in the 7th Ward. He just answers with a questionable no.

Before Shuu presents the next meal, he talks with Kaneki about their plan involving Madam A and how they could use her to discover Akihiro Kanou's whereabouts.

The ghouls of the Restaurant began to lose composure due to the one-eye appearing before them. Leaping up to their location, Kaneki labels them as a bother that needs to be removed. Guests try to escape through the doors but are stopped by Banjou and the Gas Masks. Kaneki begins slaughtering the guests as he makes his way to the Madam. But before he could capture her, he is blocked by two mysterious ghouls, Kurona and Nashiro Yasuhisa. They ensue in a small battle, midway he notices their kagune is the exact same as his, confirming his suspicions of Kanou still using Rize to create artificial half-ghouls, now knowing that beyond the Madam is Kanou.