Visitor (来客, Raikyaku) is the eighty-sixth chapter in Tokyo Ghoul.



Now that they know Madam A and Akihiro Kanou are connected, Kaneki plans to visit Itori at helter skelter to see if he can gain more information. During this, they are cut off by Gil, who figures out that they were involved in the incident at the restaurant. Kaneki tries not to cause him trouble, but before he could finish his sentence, Gil strikes at him for playing dumb. A short spout ensues until Kaneki emerges the victor, pinning Gil down to the floor. He asks Gil if they can stop this fight between comrades, Gil rejects that assumption due to Kaneki reminding him of the person that caused Shachi's capture. Kaneki asks him if that person was Rize Kamishiro, Gil refuses to converse with him any further.

At their base, Kazuichi Banjou gives Kaneki the data gathered by Shuu Tsukiyama and starts to go over it after he finish's Hinami's haircut. When he does going over the information, he decides to head to the 14th Ward to trade information with Itori.

He hands over a list of escapee's from Cochlea to Itori, she notes on how it's impressive that he has this type of info. She decides that she will answer any question Kaneki has for her. Kaneki asks multiple things about Kanou, but she doesn't know that answer to them. kaneki then asks what she knows about Kanou, Itori reveals that he was an autopsy doctor that once worked for the CCG. Learning this, Kaneki starts going over the things he's learned and wonders why Kanou would make the decision to create one-eyed ghouls. Itori starts to read through the information Kaneki provided her with noticing a clown also escaped. Before anything else can be said, Nico enters the room. Immediately putting Kaneki on high-alert.