Gossip (噂話, Uwasabanashi) is the eighty-seventh chapter in Tokyo Ghoul.



To Ken Kaneki's surprise, Nico welcomes himself at Helter Skelter. Kaneki ponders what Nico is planning since he was with Aogiri Tree. Nico attempts to calm Kaneki down, telling him that he never joined Aogiri. Nico only cooperated for Yakumo Oomori's sake and had no interest in Aogiri's objectives. After the CCG destroyed their stronghold, he decided to visit Itori out of boredom.

Still skeptical, Kaneki contemplates multiple ways to interrogate him. To gain Kaneki's trust, Nico decides to share some information about Aogiri with him. He explains how Rize Kamishiro and Akihiro Kanou are essential to Aogiri's goals. Noticing that Kaneki has not wavered, he decides to tell him about the One-Eyed King.

Itori notifies Kaneki to take free information with a grain of salt. He disagrees, noting that having a mental image of the enemy is enough. If he can speak with Kanou, he could learn about Aogiri. Knowing that to do this, he needs to get rid of the two escorts and capture Madam A. Before he can leave, Itori tells him about a ghoul wearing a rabbit mask going around and killing investigators, leaving Kaneki in silence.

Arine and Niharu are cornered by Rabbit. Before they could deploy there quinques, Rabbit appears and obliterates the both of them.