Insecure (剣呑, Ken'non) is the eighty-eighth chapter in Tokyo Ghoul.



On the rooftop, Ken Kaneki trains with Kazuichi Banjou, taunting him in multiple ways until he eventually drops Banjou off the building. Kaneki then dashes down the building and catching Banjou. While carrying him back up, he tells him about how he's doing during practice.

Back at the stronghold, Banjou gets his injuries treated. Hinami Fueguchi asks if she can join them, but Banjou would prefer for her not to. He asks her about why she left Anteiku. In response, she says that she wants to keep Kaneki company. After he compliments Hinami's kindness, he cogitates about Kaneki's personality. There are two sides to him between being kind and merciless. Kaneki's internalized issues may soon cause him to lose control of himself.

Shuu Tsukiyama welcomes himself, Kaneki comes in, and the group assembles to discuss the information they have gathered about Madam A and Akihiro Kanou. Tsukiyama suggests visiting the 20th Ward's Kanou General Hospital to check any traces that Kanou may have left. They agree to visit the 20th Ward.