Trick (奸計, Kankei) is the eighty-ninth chapter in Tokyo Ghoul.



Kaneki's group visit Kanou General Hospital, Nurse Taguchi welcomes Ken Kaneki and Kazuichi Banjou. When speaking with Taguchi, they learn that Akihiro Kanou has gone on a bussiness trip. After they leave the hospital, Banjou says that there isn't anything they can do since Kanou has left Japan, to which Kaneki responds with a simple no.

In the library, Touka Kirishima and her friends are studying for their exams while talking about their future. Some time later, she encounters Hinami after she had gotten up to get a drink. Hinami starts to speak with Touka about the people she's been with in Kaneki's group. But their conversion gets disturbed when Yoriko calls out to Touka. Handing Touka a gift that was handed to her by an eye-patched guy. Immediately having to leave after receiving it, she runs out searching for Kaneki, but is left alone.

On the rooftop with Banjou, Kaneki tells him that he checked through the airplane passenger list throughout the year. Noting that Kanou lied to the nurse or that she lied to them.

Taguchi is talking with Kanou about Kaneki progress over the phone. After they end their conversation, he speaks with Shiro about his test subjects. Figuring more about their process, while he waits for Rize Kamishiro's kakuhou to regenerate.