Fortitude (剛毅, Gōki) is the ninety-first chapter in the manga Tokyo Ghoul.

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Ken Kaneki recalls the info he has gathered on Matasaka Kamishiro. He starts to wonder as to why Shachi would be working with the Aogiri Tree. During his time of thought, Shachi rushes him. Attempting to block, Kaneki gets both of his arms broken in the process.

Shuu Tsukiyama tries to help Kaneki, but before he can do so Naki gashes his face, causing the two to fight. Gagi and Guge attack Kazuichi Banjou who is easily subjugated. Jiro, Ichimi and Sante then take his place in the battle.

Kaneki recovers and releases his kagune, which Shachi immediately recognizes as Rize Kamishiro's. Kaneki charges Shachi and manages to pierce his back. In response, Shachi activates his kagune, breaking away from Kaneki's grasp. Rushing Kaneki, he catches the half-ghoul off guard and delivered a bone-crushing punch into his abdomen, causing Kaneki to spew out a gush of blood.

Incapacitating Kaneki, he picks up Taguchi and commands Naki that it is time to leave. The Aogiri members leave and Kaneki remains on his knees cursing his ineptitude.

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