Bait (好餌, Kōji) is the ninety-third chapter in the manga Tokyo Ghoul.

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Judging from the appetite of the Binge Eater, Yukinori Shinohara speculates that the Binge Eater is a young female ghoul. He hypothesizes this because the majority of the victims have been young attractive males.

Touka Kirishima steps into Anteiku and takes Roma Hoito's place. She greets the investigators and takes their orders. After taking their orders, Shinohara begins to question her about Ken Kaneki and how he once worked there. Juuzou Suzuya interrupts the conversation to ask Touka if she previously vomited something.

Yoshimura intervenes to answer their questions about Kaneki. When Shinohara leaves the shop, he ruminates that Yoshimura is hiding something.

Naki and Eto wait for Tatara to finish interrogating Taguchi. After Tatara finishes, he states that Aogiri needs to attain Kanou before the Doves can.

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