Temporary Abode (寓居, Gūkyo) is the ninety-fifth chapter in the manga Tokyo Ghoul.

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Kaneki's group and Madam A walk into Dr. Kanou's mansion. Madam A takes Kaneki to a parlor where he inspects several books. In one of them, he finds a photograph of the Yasuhisa family. Banjou then informs Kaneki of a basement room.

Wondering why the mansion is so spacious, Shuu Tsukiyama recalls Chie Hori's information. The house was originally managed by a man who directed a trading company. By using his father's fortune, he was able to establish a profitable business. However a ghoul killed him and his wife. Tsukiyama speculates that the Yasuhisa twins were taken in by the CCG, where they were prepared for a career as ghoul investigators.

After failing to find Kanou throughout the entire household, Kaneki tests Madam A's loyalty by threatening her. He smashes the wall behind her, revealing a Rc wall that ghouls from the 24th Ward use.

Dr. Kanou, Kurona Yasuhisa, and Nashiro Yasuhisa observe the trespassers from within a concealed room.

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