Temporary Abode (寓居, Gūkyo) is the ninety-fifth chapter in the manga Tokyo Ghoul.

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Kaneki's group and Madam A walk into Dr. Kanou's mansion. Madam A takes Kaneki to a parlor where he inspects several books. In one of them, he finds a photograph of the Yasuhisa family. Banjou then informs Kaneki of a basement room.

Wondering why the mansion is so spacious, Shuu Tsukiyama recalls Chie Hori's information. The house was originally managed by a man who directed a trading company. By using his father's fortune, he was able to establish a profitable business. However a ghoul killed him and his wife. Later on, the Yasuhisa twins were adopted into the CCG Junior Academy.

After failing to find Kanou throughout the entire household, Kaneki tests Madam A's loyalty by threatening her. He smashes the wall behind her, revealing a Rc wall that ghouls from the 24th Ward use.

Dr. Kanou, Kurona Yasuhisa, and Nashiro Yasuhisa observe the trespassers from within a concealed room.

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