Going Underground (潜行, Senkō) is the ninety-sixth chapter in the manga Tokyo Ghoul.

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Kaneki's group continue to walk through the basement's passage. Suddenly, Kazuichi Banjou is attacked by one of Dr. Kanou's failed experiments. After getting pierced by Kaneki's kagune, the ghoul's kagunes devour him.

They are confronted by Nashiro Yasuhisa and Kurona Yasuhisa. In a hurry, Kaneki runs and leaps over them, leaving the twins to the rest of the group. Just as Kaneki contemplates about Aogiri's goals, he reaches a dead end.

Shuu Tsukiyama and Banjou battle against the twins. Naki halts the twins' attacks, inadvertently saving Tsukiyama. Eto, Gagi, and Guge also appear with the intention of kidnapping Kanou.

At the dead end, Kaneki is ambushed by Matasaka Kamishiro.

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