Waning Moon (下弦, Kagen) is the ninety-seventh chapter in the manga Tokyo Ghoul.

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Matasaka Kamishiro dashes at Ken Kaneki, launching multiple strikes. While dodging them, Kaneki remembers that ghouls are vulnerable in their eyes and attempts to strike his eyes. Shachi counters by crushing Kaneki's fingers with his forehead. In response, Kaneki releases his kagune.

Shuu Tsukiyama and Kazuichi Banjou are surrounded by the Yasuhisa twins and the Aogiri ghouls. Naki rushes at Tsukiyama while Gagi and Guge attack the Gas Masks. Nashiro Yasuhisa and Kurona Yasuhisa chase Eto who manages to sneak past them amid the chaos. Banjou decides to follow the twins.

Kaneki begins to overwhelm Shachi. Kaneki manages to pierce his kagune and propel him through a wall. Shachi recovers and Kaneki asks him why he is holding back.

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